Friday, October 12, 2007

You Are A Nice Catch

Well, well, well. This here is about the sweet love song that I wrote for a wedding and had everybody coming to me and asking me: 'Please, please write a song for my wedding'. When I asked one of the girls who made this request, 'When is your wedding?' she replied 'When do you want it to be?'. Anyway, enjoy. I think the hardest bit was getting those mid-sentence and end of sentence rhymes for the chorus. Look out Diane Warren!

Seconds before I first managed to catch sight of you

I still believed that a perfect romance was so untrue

To imagine being in one was like trying to catch a falling star

Yet when we met, I’m the star that fell deep but there you were

I remember I was surprised and you even had to catch your breath

I woulda never guessed you’ll be the reference in my catchy vows

Looking into your eyes, I know what’s over is my search

Though it began with surprise, it wows how our hearts got to touch

So now every moment I realise, you’re the one I love so much

Followed my hearts wise advice… that baby you are a nice catch

You are a nice catch

Friends is all you wanted us to be, putting me in a catch 22 situation

As flashes of your smile spread all over me like a catching disease

This heart of mine quickly caught fire ignited by some love potion

Yours did too as we shared moments of utmost satisfaction

We whispered those three words that proved we’d made it to the base

Since then ‘I love you’ has become more than another catch-phrase

While others search for love like for a needle in the haystack

We already found it so instead we’ll just roll in the hay

Knowing it’s so great we feel like we can catch the moon

And loving each other always especially the right way

So as our feelings catch on we’ll let nobody catch up with us

Since we are a perfect match, Oh baby let us play catch!!!

Yes you are a nice catch !!!


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Ruthie said...

Wow! very nice!!