Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Good and The Bad

Guest post by my niece, Keli

I'm turning 10 in 29 days. Ha-ha! My first 2 digit birthday! In your face, Grand Pa!!!

However... we have to go back to Addis in 15 days. Shoot! Why does everything have a down side.

Our Kid and I went to see The Mummy 3 yesterday.

The downsides of the movie:

they got a substitution of Evi.

it was in China. I mean, seriously!!! What's up with the Chinese mummies? It should be Egyptian or nothing. Right??

The not so bad things:

it had Jet Li. And how hot is he?

After that we went to Nakumatt. I got some awesome chocolates and had a compeletely uneventful evening. Maybe when I go to sleep I will fight evil people with all the elements!!!

Oh yeah, Our Kid tried to bust a padlock open with a wrenchy thing.

Until we speak again!!