Monday, October 1, 2007

Sometimes, Anytime, Everytime

Sometimes the world feels like it weighs down on my shoulder

Sometimes I think that I am the luckiest guy on the planet

Sometimes I go to work even when my mind is still on leave

Sometimes my sense of time is a few minutes behind

Sometimes I wish I could make time move faster

Sometimes I enjoy the thought that I can now look forward

Anytime I feel low, I anxiously await the vibrate of my phone

Anytime it’s cold, I wish you could just hold me and burn me

Anytime you want to see me, I will be available in a jiffy

Anytime my mind wanders, it finds its way to your world

Anytime I imagine you never seeing me again, I cry inside

‘Anytime’ to me has a similar meaning with ‘anytime for you’

Every time I am with you, I now wish time would crawl

Every time you laugh at my silly jokes, I get overwhelmed

Every time my eyes close, I dream of your World; the universe!

Every time I hang up the phone, I resist pressing re-dial

Every time, every time, every time, every time - I miss you.

Every time you read this poem, I hope you will smile, for me!


Dee said...

love it... kinda

Anonymous said...

this thing about laughing at your silly jokes...