Monday, June 9, 2008

Idols... The Top Nine Show.

PREVIOUSLY ON IDOLS: INDEPENDENT Judge Kawesa said we do not encourage trash on the Top 10 show and named Christine as the worst performer. Christine walked... Next up was the Top Nine show...

So I arrived at Bomas with a trash bin which I was hoping to present to Kawesa but the bouncers were not seeing the funny bit. Sorry Mr. Environment aka Kawesa. This inspiration was when I actually saw a huge billboard of the City Council of Nairobi stating that we should keep the City clean. No trash in the top 10.

So if Cynthia is voted off this show, I will just host up a placard saying: THIS IS A TRASH FREE ZONE.

First up, the cocktail moment. For some reason, the event organizers have calculated that the traffic snarl up to Bomas ensures you are seated for an hour when getting there so you have to stand for an hour before you get into the theatre. But how time crawls when you are waiting for the show!

With a Fan Lounge ticket, it was always great to know I had an up-close view of the contestants. But the male to female ratio on the Lounge was 2:14. C’mon brothers. Represent! That is one less than the male contestants. I kept my wise counsel even as the gals screamed loudest when Scar made an appearance!

Lebo competed with Scar for the loudest cheers and I think Lebo just edged out Scar by one female vote. ‘I ONLY CAME TO SEE LEBO!’ said the gal next to me when she saw my puzzled look. Later in the show, a LEBO FOR PRESIDENT slogan went up eliciting shouts of ‘LEBO! LEBO! LEBO!’ from the gals. Thank God they didn’t put up a LEBO FOR HUSBAND slogan. I mean, a whole hour of listening to things like ‘If Lebo looks my way, I will send God a bottle of wine…’ and the gals ignoring my pleas of ‘I am here, gals’

If some people only came to see Lebo, they still had to sit through the nine contestants performances.

Ammara was first up. Everybody expects too much of the gal and rates her on a super status and not the normal status. She was alright.

Cynthia looked dashing in that black dress. ‘I only came to see Cynthia,’ I teased but was told that this was the last time I was seeing her whilst Lebo will be there till the end of the show. But as she sang, my mind drifted away… back in time. Please tell me the police are still looking for the bus driver who took Cynthia to Uganda for the auditions. Why didn’t the bus break down at the Busia border? Why didn’t the driver forget to fuel? Why? Why? Why?

Lebo aside, the only serious presidential material on stage all night was Eric. So when Comrade Bob is tired of running (Fake Editors note: ruining?) that country, he can pass the reigns to this comrade. Great performance and great effect on the crowd.

Scar thinks there are two types of singers. Those who love chocolates and bitches. Just kidding.

Faycal did a bump and grind number that seemed to get on Scar’s nerves. Lebo even thought the evil J word was in play when Scar assessed the do.

Speaking of Judges, Angela was having moments after moments. She had her Radio DJ moments. She had a Scangie moment which Lebo pointed out as she lay her head on Scar's shoulders. She had her History Teacher routine after each song. She also had an Imelda Marcos moment when she saw Sam’s shoes. There isn’t a shoe Angie hasn’t wanted to put her feet in.

Nikki’s nerves improved according to Scar and she did NOT violently kill that song. She did it softly. As Johan Van Der Walt would say: Violins is never the answer! There was no violence. Just poisoned it. Sweetly smiled at it and just smothered it to death. I love this gal’s smile but she needs to step it up.

Mkhululi’s future is bright. So was his suit. For those who believe the only time a man should wear a white suit is at his funeral or when invited to P Diddy’s bash, this wasn’t working. His performance last week had been powerful so if you judge it based on last week’s performance, he dipped a bit.

Speaking of judging people on last weeks performances, Trinah did well as usual. This gal has a powerful voice and she was definitely born to sing. Trinah Turner everyone! All the other contestants are going to be blown away by Hurricane Ka-Trinah!

Adiona was terrific and in a funny transposition of opposites, when she sings a song like ‘Am Every Woman’, every man wants to vote for her. This performance showed the judges did not waste the Wild Card… rather the mistakes were made by the voters who pushed some contestants to the Top 10.

Sam closed the show with a lot of vigorous dancing that left her breathless but which did not take Scar’s breath away. Of course Angie loved her outfit which was nothing to blog about. I Love Me Sam Her, but she really needs to step up.

My rating of the nine from best to worst was: TRINA, ERIC, ADIONA, AMMARA, MKHULULI, SAMANTHA, NICOLETTE, FAYCAL and CYNTHIA.

Kawesa has been getting boos from the crowd but he elicited laughter with his comment about Cynthia. This may be the Top Nine but it is Cynthia who has proved she has nine lives. Can she find herself in the Top 8? Keep watching....

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