Monday, December 1, 2008

The Last Girl

You are…

The last girl
I watched
football with

The last girl
I hugged
on Facebook

The last girl
I texted
on my cellular

The last girl
I dreamt of
last night

The last girl
who moved
my heart so!

The last girl
who ate
chocs fro’ me

The last girl
whose smile
made me melt

The last girl
who made me
write a poem

The last girl
whom I had
coffee with

The last girl
who laughed
at my jokes.

So how come
You are not

The last girl
I ever kissed

The last girl
I danced with

The last girl
whose hair
I brushed?

The very last girl
who said
she loved me?

It just appears
I called off
the search

when I knew
you could be
the last girl
the very last girl

I want
I need
I adore
I crave for…

Will you be
the last girl
for me?

Or are you
still going
to marry him?


Gladys said...

is she dead or on her death bed.........

ujo said...

she must have been 1 very perfect last girl meant to be... if that makes sense..

boyfulani said...

i so like this.

gladys said...

You used to write poetry?
Wow?!That's deep!
What hapnd with The last girl?

Anonymous said...

I miss you our kid did the last gal make u stop blogging?

mushywushy said...