Thursday, November 27, 2008


“Who will save Kenyans against a powerful, dictatorial, greedy Parliament? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

I heard that on NTV Tonight on 27th November 2008. Frankly, I think Robert Nagila should stop asking questions and then going ahead to answer them! What is he? Superman? There is no way Nagila is going to save Kenyans against a powerful, dictatorial and greedy Parliament. Not with that accent, which is his trade mark and for a while I thought the use of the initials NTV after his name was some sort of award he was conferred with: Nauseatic Twenging Voice.

That signing off sure sounds hilarious when he has just posed a loaded question. What should we expect next?

‘Who will be the next Kenyan to die due to the rising price of maize meal? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

‘Who will take Kenya to the first World Cup to be held in Africa in 2010? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

‘Is there someone who has not been touched by the plight of the refugees in Darfur? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

‘Who killed Robert Ouko? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

‘Kenyans are now asking: Just whose name is in the Secret Envelope? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

‘At the end of the vote recount in Starehe Constituency, who will emerge the winner? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

‘Someone is supplying prisoners at Kamiti with high tech laptops. Who is this someone? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

‘Who stole President Moi’s state of the art range Rover from the CMC Garage? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

“This begs the question, ‘Why are most suicides in Kenya committed after 9pm?’ Robert Nagila, NTV!”

‘Who is behind the pirates who are wreaking havoc along the Kenya – Somali shores? Robert Nagila, NTV!’

OK... that last one. It is not really Robert Nagila, who actually has a Group dedicated to him at Facebook. From what I hear, the Somali Pirates asked a professor why he was so rich and successful and he said it was because of the scholarship. Now they are hijacking all ships hoping that one of those ships is MV Schola.


31337 said...

solid post. hehehe. why does he do that anyhow? perhaps he was a teacher in his previous life.

come on. that last joke fell flatter than my last attempt at baking.

Our Kid said...

Oh some people are so demanding! Do you know Churchill Live charges 300 bob for his jokes! So if you are not paying me anything other than attention, am entitled to some flats! Mwahahaha.

Nagila is a legend. I hope he is among those journos who got National Honours.