Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Idols East Africa

Well well well, to prove that an idol mind is the Devil's Workshop, Kenyans thronged to the Kenyatta International Conference Centre and tried their best (or worst, in most cases) to show case their talent (or lack of it).

This picture post brings you the images that put smiles on Kenyan watchers of the idiot box and made April the funniest month in the year (cabinet naming coming a close second)!

The rendition of 'Try It On My Own' brought the Conference down. She should have been afraid to really try this one on her own.

Lebo wasn't impressed. But the show must go on.

David begged but was shown the door

Behind every could, there is a sylvia lining, not!

Linda wanted you... and you... and you

She left on the upswing

Bob looked out of place

Baker wanted to show off his dental formula

Bertina's voice let her down

Ken was complimented on his style but... nothing else

Katung's voice was designed for this competition

And this is Akorino Idols...

Amazing Grace? No. Amazing Maureen.

Irene boasted she had the beauty...

She had a beautiful voice

Gail got up and stoop up for his rights. Oh so wrong!

Yup! Yup! Yup!

Zaddock didn't even get 15 seconds of shame

Joel James? That is like Jeff Anthony?

Magero just wasn't being felt...

Just why wear Delilah's clothes and wig?

Kevin noticed Angie smiling for the cameras

Or was she smiling for the money?

Clearly this is how you change the world!!!

Now you see my eyes...

Now you don't!

New York Minute!

Cilla made the cut

Tutuma did not

Doris breezed through.

That was it for the edited version. But I could not resist bringing the uncut version pics.

And some advice for those who wish to make the cut next time.

Show some nipples...

And keep smiling.

Show some ATT

Show some hair...

Show some...

... ass

Show some smile

Show your memory size

Play your guitar

And sing beautifully...

End of Lesson

Moving on...

No comment

Is she an Air Hostess?

Isn't she my son's teacher?

Is she singing 'Kwaheri' by Jua Cali?

Is she looking for the exit?

If shoes could sing...

... she would have gone through

Shoes or no shoes, he went through

Good pose

Good top

Good hat

Good try

Very likeable

Very happy

Mbili Mbili Kama Kawaida...

Please Forgive Me...


And more style

And less style, Stevie Wonder!

My top matches the background!

On no...

OH NO!!!

Oh oh

Much better

If your hat is not in it...

... let your soul be in it!

We wrap it up with our national anthem. Altogether now:
Eh Mungu Nguvu Yetu
Ilete Idols kwetu
Haki tulicheka sana...


Sergon said...

am laughing n laughing n laughing..........................

now really, lets applaud their first steps however clumsy n funny they are.....

am still laughing

Odegle said...

i love how you captured the idols!

Dee said...

Bertil.. Your blog site is a masterpiece of talent, creativity and humor and the one that crowns it all is the Idols East Africa collection... you have captured the mood of the show well...

antipop said...

well, you should hav taken the tanzania auditions. our brothers across tha border are a disgrace

KK said...

Dude... you are good.
My sides are aching LOL