Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Smallest Book In The World

I think you have noticed that I made quite a BIG jump on my second post after my entering the virgin territory of blogging. I jumped straight into the political minefield and gave my two-cents worth of advice to my fellow Kenyans. But since I am also Catholic, I think this is perhaps, the perfect confession time now that I am pontificating. I have never voted in the last three General Elections and I also skipped the Referendum vote.

Now, you may be wondering where this is heading to. But I will spare you the ‘preaching water and taking wine’ analogy. Instead, I will pursue another line of reason.

When I was little and still in the infancy stages of looking at the world from any other point other than seriousness, there was a book that I used to keep close to my heart called “The Smallest Book In the World”.

This was a book of jokes but that was not the reason it was such a hit to my good-self. I was very much in like of this book since it was so small that it could fit in my side pocket of the jeans which was the size of a Nacet razor. You could also read this book in a span of one and a half minutes, which is the time it takes for an elephant to blink. Supposedly, if not entirely in my small world.

So in latter years, I fell in love. With football. Good sexy football. And no sexier player caressed the ball like one head-butter called Zinedine Zidane. My French-less sister gets mixed up and says Zinedane Zidine but it’s a try. Zidane! If you know him, please read on. If you don’t know him, please buy yourself rat poison and mix it in your next meal. So Zidane scored three goals for Real Madrid in a Spanish League match what is commonly called a hat-trick. It turned out that it was the first time in his Madrid career that he had scored three goals in match. I remember thinking to myself: “There is the smallest book in the word - the Book of Zidane Hat Tricks!”

So when there is no abundance of something, it means that whatever it is, it can fit in the smallest book in the world.

Take for instance, kisses.

If there has been a dearth of kisses coming your way, then perhaps the smallest book in the world is the book of your kisses. But if you are having plenty of kisses, then it is a big book.

There were times when I have thought that the smallest book in the world is the book of The People Who Love Our Kid. So many people have the gift of getting annoyed with me even when it seems to be over trivial matters. This could be in the office setting, on the road, at home or even close relations. It is time I worked on improving the size of that book!

As you can from my aforestated confession, when I vote at the end of this year, you are going to be right to say “There is the smallest book in the word - the Book of Our Kid’s Number of Voting!”

Once in a while when I have attended church, with the infrequency that is topped by that of a church mouse, I have been told to count my blessings and name them one by one. So should you. And if you are prone to thinking “There is the Smallest Book In the Word – The Book of My Blessings!” you will be pleasantly surprised to see what the Good Lawd has done! It’s a big book.

What is the smallest book in your world?

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You write very well.