Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yes Oui Can

It was a looooooooooong weekend that necessitated some form of travel, especially with Nairobi not making any effort to retain its tag as the City in the Sun. I had rushed into plans to get away from Nairobi when work came a-calling and I had to slam the brakes on travel that Friday evening. Bah.

That left a Saturday morning that was going to be as easy as Sunday morning. But If I thought that meant I would have a peaceful time, it was only further proof that I was truly not blessed with the gift of clairvoyance. Because the words every man dreads to hear within a range of thirty metres ranges from the myriad of ‘I am pregnant’ to ‘We need to talk’ to ‘Let’s go to a wedding.’

Monica, the model who goes by the moniker Monique claiming she is a unique Monica, has somehow managed to make me look quite like the modelizer. She barged into the bedroom at the same instant that I opened my eye lids for the first time since I went to bed. I never even gave her the key to the house, she just cut herself one!

‘Hey you!’ she purred.

Oh boy. I am not a 'conditioned to love' guy. I am not a morning person. I am not used to this invasion that has taken great proportions. She threw out all my coat hangers saying those things lead to creased trousers! She bought a pair of scissors for my kitchen so I could stop ripping milk packets with fingers (a man has got to exercise!). She fixed some mosquito net with a zip on all the beds in the house! She even replaced my WELCOME mat with some mat that has a hidden weighing scale. I haven’t seen anyone so obsessed with her weight. Her e-mail address has her weight at the end of her name so each day she writes to me using the address that has her weight for that day. Talk about weighting to exhale!

‘Hey Stranger,’ I said.

‘Guess what? I made you some breakfast...,’ she started and broke into one of those Julia Roberts’ smiles. You know the one of wide smiles that you can’t get mad at. That is how I let that ‘key issue’ go without any challenge.

Speaking of Julia Roberts, a good gal pal of mine Julia Mwangi recently got married to a dude called Robert Mwangi and was not happy that her name changed from Miss Julia Mwangi to Mrs. Julia Mwangi.

So she opted to call herself... wait for it… Julia Robert.

On account of recent rains, she left her umbrella in my office. A work colleague saw it and with an intention to use it asked me: Whose umbrella is this?

“Julia Robert’s”, I replied.

My colleagues may feel that I have been canoodling too much with celebrities that it is getting into my head!

‘Breakfast.. you say?’

‘You’ll lov it!’ Monique replies and without any bother in the world kisses me smack on the lips. I like this girl. Not just because she looks hot but there is something about her. She tries to be different. She tells me she doesn’t care if I cheat on her because according to her faithfulness isn’t the strongest point of a relationship. Yes, she actually said that! But can she avoid the ‘knifeinthebackability’ of most women? And she really hates football! Which quality I also like because I steer clear of women who know the ‘offside rule’. A man needs once in while to talk about something a woman doesn’t understand!

‘Hmmmmmm,’ I mutter jumping out of bed and following her. When walking behind her, the girl is like a walking advert for the adjectives ‘rhythm’ and ‘lustrous’.

As we settle down, she smiles at me. She must want something. This time, my instinct is right.

‘By the way,’ she starts in a not very by-the-way sort of speech, ‘I need you to check for me if I can have the Cuchini clause inserted in my contract!’

‘The coochie what?!?’ I almost choke on the bacon.

‘The Cuchini,’ she says. ‘You know that thingy that you put in bikinis to avoid those cameltoes. Am doing a beach shoot next week!’

Why would anybody invent something like that? If there is any justice in the world, and if that justice had a good pair of eyes, the inventor should be locked up. Or made target practice for Cholmondoley. I mean, from now on, no buying those magazines again. For the love of Our Kid, can somebody correct this terrible wrong! Grrrrrrrr!

‘Can we go to a wedding?’ she suddenly asks.

Now, I may like our cousin Obama like the next guy, but I haven’t gotten to level of replying ‘Yes We Can’ when such questions are posted my way.

‘This afternoon?’ I repeat as my mind goes over the FA Cup Final scheduled for that afternoon. ‘Am not feeling too good’.

She looks at me and touches my beard.

‘Poor Kid,’ she offers. ‘I tell you what, am going to take great care of you today!’

And take good care of me she did. She said she was going to bake me a cake. Sweet dreams are made of this… and who are you to disagree? She got me the newspapers and I read about our Sports Minister proposing that the national heritage be renamed Conya Yola Stadium or something like that! I read about the Ugandan President saying Migingo Islands should be declared no-mans land. Knowing our politicians, I hope they haven’t accused Norman Nyaga of working in cahoots with Museveni.

Things seem to be going relatively well. That is until former Man U boy Louis Saha scored after 25 seconds and I screamed loudly.

‘What is wrong?’ the concerned sweet-sounding voice from the sweet-smelling kitchen asked.

‘Wrong?’ I say. ‘Nothing. Everton scored a goal’.

‘Wait a minute!’ she said. ‘This is why you didn’t want to go to the wedding? I cannot believe this. You chose football and let me miss the wedding thinking I was taking care of an invalid?’

I said I was ill. Not had cancer!

Doors were slammed and heels were seen. When I went to the kitchen, that cake was just like an 8-4-4 graduate. Half baked.

Women! At least she should have waited until the cake was fully served! Surely she should consider introducing her sense of humour at some stage in this relationship. Why else would she postal just because I wanted us to spend quality time together (granted that this was in separate rooms, her in the kitchen and I on the couch with crisps, chocolate and beer). Maybe she stormed out under the influence of Alvaro.

I finish the match and throw on some clad and go looking for her at the wedding reception. How come all the weddings I know about are on Saturdays when there is usually a football match? Dayum.

I looked around the reception ground and she was nowhere to be seen. Well, if you wait, good things come your way and that is exactly what happened when some girl else said ‘Hi’. I turned to look at her, wine glass in her hand!

‘Hi,’ I said. ‘Friend of the bride or the groom?’ I also asked.

She chuckled. ‘Neither,’ she replied ‘I am just here for the wine! I love French wine. This…’ her fingers tapped the glass, ‘…is the finest!’

There is something titillating about looking at a woman’s lips as she puts them on a spherical object. She took another sip from the glass.

‘Pardon my French, senorita,’ I found myself stating, ‘but you are ffffffffff… fine!’

‘That’s not French!’ she laughed.

‘How would you know?’

‘I teach French,’ she said.

Just the mention of this set my blood running at a quicker pace. I don’t know if it was the wine talking, but she could really keep up with the words. I was a bit angry with Monique and didn’t mind listening to this French teacher go on and on and on. She talked about her former boyfriend.

‘He literally broke my heart!’ she said. Lordy! Literally? Thank heavens she doesn’t teach English. She grammatically breaks my heart!

But those lips.

‘Could you teach me anything French?’ I asked her.

‘Like what?’ she asked.

‘Like French kissing,’ I said. What? I hadn’t done sweet FA all day long! So do not begrudge me.

‘I have a better idea,’ she said. ‘Are you familiar with the term Sleeping Dictionary?’ she asked.

I shook my head.

‘You know. The best place to learn a language is in bed. Don’t you know that is how those colonialists learnt local languages! So we can go to your place or my place and I will teach you some French kissing and teach you all the French words for our body parts – with practical examples.’

I hate love weddings! And I wouldn’t mind if she literally broke any of my body parts!

So she went to the Ladies before we could leave and it was at that moment that Monique walked into the Reception Room.

I love hate weddings! She had already seen me and was flashing that Julia Roberts’ smile as she approached me. Moments like this call for either a Damn Quick Exit or a meteorite to hit Nairobi.

The French teacher tapped me on the shoulder, ‘We can go now handsome!’

Let me just say I didn’t learn any French that evening. Monique is still upset with me. This small misunderstanding is really getting on my nerves. First she says ‘cheating’ is fine. Then she says I ‘cheated’ when in actual sense ‘I had the thoughts’ but not ‘the action’. Those are the two ingredients of cheating. Not her cloying definition. I think we should just make a dictionary of words and their meanings depending on who does something. We can call it the Dictionary of the Hypocrisy of Women.

What a loooooooooooooong weekend it turned out to be!


M said...

Truly model behaviour

joyunspeakable said...

Our Kid...I laughed....first and foremost you cntinue producing master pieces...then i fail to understand how on earth women whom you've not given a password can keep accessing your server room...aiii? you must either be too predictable like using your birthday for pin or the builder of the house is the brother to monique..that about half baked graduate 8-4-4 cake? it took me to the floor

Screamer said...

Entertaining as always...

SupremeGREAM said...

Man, I hate weddings. I hate that am going to serve best man in two of them this year and one of them is coming in two months time. However if a a 'fffffff fine Monique' will come along, I'll be good.

Hilarious as always. Julia Roberts killed me!

Bomseh said...

Monique sounds like a French name. You sought French lessons from the wrong damsel. LOL.

Sibbie said...

Hilarious! LOL @ Julia Robert's! That Monique girl is quite something. Hee!

gladys said...

Planning to cheat is just as bad cos if she hadnt showed up you would now be fluent in fran├žais lol!
You wouldnt like me cos of the offside rule having played college football lol!
Julia Mwangi Roberts :)

Peter (Walkabout) Njenga said...

Nice piece. :)
Pete's never attended a single wedding.
The day he attends, sorry... crashes a wedding, he might just pull a Vince Wedding Crashers Vaughn...
Have a great week!

Shiko-Msa said...

You need to blog more often. We need more LOL, LOTFL, LMAO, ROFL, LMDI hehehehe, hahahaha, mwahahahaha, bwahahahaha, tihihihi,end of thinking capacity.

Our Kid said...

@ M... She may be a model, but she isn't a role model. That I can say for sure.

@ Joyunspeakable... I am an 8-4-4 graduate too. I think I have to stop being too predictable if I need to keep my space.

@ Screamer... Thanks, oga!

@ SG... You know, weddings are such a killjoy. And serving as a Best Man is real punishment. I have been Best Man five times in this life time, alone.

@ Bomseh... Monique's only connection with French is once in a while taking French Fries albeit with a diet coke and then moaning about weight gain.

@ Sibbie.. Maybe Monique is unique. Nah!

@ Gladys... You must be kidding! Cheating isn't a black and white matter. There are some grey areas. I once wanted to plant a kiss on a girl but her car window couldnt roll down so she said I kiss the window.. and she did it too. Our lips didn't meet due to the barrier of a window. You want to call that a kiss? No way!

As for the football... oh! You played football... now that is something I should have watched!

@ Peter Njenga ... Wedding Crashing? This is Kenya. Some weddings you attend and people talk in mother tongue the whole ceremony. No chance of crashing there...

@ Shiko Msa... Due to pressure at Workland, am doing two blogs a month.

Mama Shujaa said...

So, did you work the Cuchini clause into the contract after all? Bad move - there goes the merchandising capacity that Sharapova commands!

Lol - a thoroughly enjoyable read as always. Can't wait for the second installment for the month.

Maisha mazuri with all those beauts to select from, au siyo.

Shiko-Msa said...

Lol @french fries and diet coke. I've this friend who eats fries like there's no tomorrow and yet cannot touch avocado for weight issues.

Digzer said...

I bow down to your writing prowess. The clincher was Monica who's moniker is Monique!!!

I pray your life remains as entertaining so you can entertain the rest of us.

Too bad ... I love football!

Mama said...

Pressure at work? Who is your boss...give me his/her number! I will talk to them nicely.

Our Kid said...

@ Mama Shujaa... I did insert the cuchini clause with a heavy heart. If you ask me, I think huko chini you really don't need any gadget. That is the only reason men are good at lip reading.

I mean, part of the reason I am so grouchy is that doll makers never made dolls with lips. And I spent all my life with girls when I was young.

@ Shiko Msa... what next? French showers?

@ Digzer... Amen to that!

I see that amongst your few sins is your love for football. He he. Hmmmm. At least there is a break in football season.

@ Mama... I will send you her e-mail. I hope you can talk her into giving me some lighter workload. Sigh.

Loco said...

Auwwwii, just like joyunspeakable, I LAUGHED!! But then I CRIED!! But i cried because I laughed!! Aiaiaiai!

HAha, surely, I'm pregnant and Let's go to a wedding fall in the same range??! *Keels over!!* I hate to break it to you but as a woman I believe that for men to understand us it won't take a dictionary, hehehe, we'll each have to come with individual user manual, and lifetime warranty :-D

KK said...

O.K... Who's a genius now. You literally floored me with this one.. and no, I'm no english teacher either. I'll have to remember not to attempt reading ur blog at work... Can't be good for me.Big Up Kid... u did it again.

Anonymous said...

Our need to supply us with tissues for our lots of tears! Please blog more!

Shiko-Msa said...

Haiya you made me google french showers. Urban dictionary:

To cleanse ones self by applying only deodorant and cologne (or perfume). The French reference is in place because of the widely-held notion that the French are not fond of bathing on a regular basis.

Man, I got the freak on last night, woke up late for work so I had to take a French shower to make it in on time.

Our Kid said...

@ Loco... I think it is safe to presume that women are incomprehensible, no?

I wish they came along with an operating manual.

@ KK... I am literally happy you liked it. It would have literally broken my heart to find you hated the post. Tee hee.

@ Farmgal... Your request to blog often is being processed.

Loading 46%. Loading 47%. Loading 48%.

The Fibre Optic should be here soonest!

@ Shiko-Msa... Come on! You thought I was talking Golden Showers? I just meant French Showers!!!

savvy said...

Where was I when you wrote this post? Am late!

Anyway, I don't use scissors to cut the milk...not even my fingers, teethw orks for me.

Hope you and Monique made up, or you and French mademoiselle made out!

gladys said...

u should write more often cos ive been checking your page like daily :)
I need my daily dose of laughter

Darius Stone said...

LOL @Our Kid and Shiko on showers, French or golden.
Great post dude - as always, a very refreshing read.

savvy said...

I never did understand the cuchini clause, elaborate?

Halafu @Shiko, I thought French showers would be to take french kisses to the next level...kumbe it's a way to skip bathing and dab yourself with perfume?

Our Kid said...

@ Savvy... Where were you?! Now you have notice I just blogged my second instalment.

You use teeth to open milk packets! And here i am being demonized!

@ Darious Stone... I think Shiko-Msa is a mad one too.

@ Savvy... Check out for the illustrations. Sad invention, I tell you!

clandey said...

oga nyc write how i wish u put u thots into action 4 th french madame.....mistresses gud catch u come out bigger n beta.